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    Carbon Raiser


     We, CIMM  DONGHAI ADVANCED CARBON CO.,LTD. is engaged in manufacturing and trading for metallurgy,carbon industry. 
    Our mainly graphite products: Graphite electrodes(Including RP,RPI,HP, SHP and UHP), Carbon raiser(Different size) are widely used in Electric Arc Furnace and Ladle Furnace for making alloy steel or other metals and nonferrous metals, and are necessary consumption materials for furnace production.

    Our company has advanced production equipment, standard production management, strictly quality supervision system, marketing, production and sales of Common calcined anthracite, anthracite coal and other products. In the "quality first, reputation first" under the guidance of the enterprise spirit, so that our company grows rapidly. Companies adhering to the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development" purposes, is committed to the ongoing efforts to develop! To excellent quality, high quality customers services won the favor of users. We have built a "resources-products-renewable resources-products" calcium carbide deep-processing of circular economy.

    Anthracite Coal Carbon Raiser

    Items percent Standard The typical value
    90 Fix carbon Min. % 90 90.2-91.0
    91 Fix carbon Min % 91 91.2-92.0
    92 Fix carbon Min % 92 92.2-93.0
    93 Fix carbon MIn % 93 93.2-94.0
    94 Fix carbon Min % 94 94.2-95.0
    95 Fix carbon Min % 95 95.2-95.5
    Size: Grain size can be adjusted according to user requirements.


    Description Carbon Raiser
    C 90% min 90% min
    Volatile 2% max 2% max
    Ash 8.5% max 8.5% max
    Moisture: 1.0% max 1.0% max
    Sulphur 0.35% max 0.35% max
    Grain Size 1~3 mm 90% min. 10~50 mm 90% min.

    Tel: +86-411-62885583
    Email: sales@cimmuk.com
    Address: 2/F, Zhiye Plaza, 135 Guangxian Road, Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone, Dalian, Liaoning, China 116023
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