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    Boron carbide neutron-absorbing material


    l應用領域      Products Application
                        核反應堆控制棒 Nuclear reactor control rods
                        中子吸收球  Neutron-absorbing ball
                        中子屏蔽板  Neutron shield plate
    l產品特性      Product features
                        10B含量高  High content of 10B
                        吸收中子后無二次輻射污染  No secondary radiation pollution after absorbing neutron
                        熱膨脹系數低  Low coefficient of thermal expansion
                        抗熱震、熱穩定性好  Thermal shock resistance,thermal stability
                        價格低廉  Low price
    Tel: +86-411-62885583
    Email: sales@cimmuk.com
    Address: 2/F, Zhiye Plaza, 135 Guangxian Road, Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone, Dalian, Liaoning, China 116023
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