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    Boron Carbide Powder


    l應用領域      Products Application
       磨料、磨具、研磨劑及制造其他硼化物  Used as abrrasives,grinding tools and to manufacture other borides
       高級耐火材料及特種焊接材料  Used as classic refractory and specific welding material
       顆粒增強金屬及非金屬材料  The grain can reinforce metal and nonmetal materials
       Widely used in machinery,electronics instrumentation,chemical,Metallurgy,national defense,aviation and nuclear industry
       間接用于半導體摻硼領域,BCI3的原料  Can indirectly used in semiconductor area with doped boron.It is raw materials of BCL3
       高檔航空器以及人體防護材料  Used as highgrade aircraft and human protection material
    l產品特性      Product features
       密度低(理論密度僅為2.52g/m³ Low density(Its theoretical density is only 2.52gm³)
       高硬度(莫氏硬度9.36,是僅次于天然金剛石和立方BN的超硬材料)  High hardness(Mohs'hardness is 9.36. It's a kind of superhard material whose hardness is only after natural diammond and cubic boron nitride)
       高熔點(2450°C)  High melting point(2450°C)
       優良的耐磨性  Excellent abrasion resistance
       較大的中子吸收截面   Large neutronabsorbing cross section
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    Address: 2/F, Zhiye Plaza, 135 Guangxian Road, Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone, Dalian, Liaoning, China 116023
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