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    CIMM (India) was elected as Deputy Secretary-General Unit

    Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Kolkata(CCEK) Established CIMM (India) was elected as Deputy Secretary-General Unit

    The inaugural meeting of the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Kolkata (CCEK) and Chinese Enterprise Chamber of Commerce (India) eastern regional chapter was held in Hyatt hotel, Kolkata on April 20.2012.  CIMM Group Co.,Ltd. India branch was invited to attend the meeting and honored to be elected the chamber of commerce Deputy Secretary-General Unit.
    Under the leadership and guidance of consulate general of China in Kolkata, the inaugural meeting of the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Kolkata (CCEK) and China Enterprise Chamber of Commerce (India) eastern regional chapter was successfully held at Hyatt Hotel in Kolkata. The consulate-general Vice consul LiuZhiJie presided at the meeting and the consul general Zhang Lizhong announced the establishment of CCEK and delivered speeches respectively.

    Chinese Ambassador to India ZhangYan delivered an important speech at the inaugural meeting. He said, in recent year, China and ndia bilateral trade have developed sustainably and bilateral trade volume reached USD$70 billion in 2011, especially Chinese companies have contracted projects in India which had covered industries of iron and steel, metallurgy, electric power and so on. This was not only brought benefits to Chinese-Funded enterprises but also increased employment opportunities for Indian people. In order to solve the problems of Chinese–Funded enterprises in India such as dispersion, no platforms for exchange, cooperation and interaction, establishing Chinese Enterprise Chamber of Commerce should be enforced. By forming China Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, it will prompt the business in India to be done in a much more standard way, more healthy, as well as will create the maximum value of space both for the Chinese and Indian enterprises. Therefore, the establishment of Chinese Enterprise Chamber of Commerce is also the new result we fully implement the ‘going out’ strategy advocated by central government.

    Ambassador ZhangYan particularly hopes that Chinese-Funded enterprises should be under the leadership of Chamber of Commerce. The president of unit, secretary of unit, council of unit and all member units shall make joint efforts to completely perform their responsibilities, mutually support each other to create new brilliance by fully developing business and engineering projects on such magical land of India.

    The general assembly announced the first session of Chairman Unit, Secretary Unit, Council Unit of CCEK elected by all member units:

    Chairman of CCEK:DongFang Electric(India) Co.,Ltd
    Vice Chairman of CCEK:China first Metallurgical Construction India Private Limited
    Secretary-General : China Easten Airlines Kolkata sales office
    Deputy Secretary-General :CIMM Group Co.,Ltd. India Branch
    Council Members: ShangDong metallurgical design institute, ShangDong Electric power Indian project department, Ershisanye Construction Group India Ltd., etc. 
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