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    Effects of Chinese graphite electrodes disruption on world steel production

    On 11-13 Nov 2018, Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, will witness a great event - "34th International Ferroalloys Conference", which is Europe's flagship ferroalloys gathering. In 2017 this event received over 700 delegates, including over 100 from steel mills around the world.

    In this event, Chairman of CIMM Group, Dr Mark Shujun Ma will deliver an important speech titled "Effects of Chinese graphite electrodes disruption on world steel production", in which he will analyze the development trend of world EAF steelmaking and the strategic importance of graphite electrode to world steel industry.
    This event is featured with:
    - Welcome Party
    - South Africa Ferroalloys Summit
    - Minor Metals Module
    - Dedicated closed doors roundtable sessions
    - Ferroalloys football tournament
    - Live polling
    Welcome all the friends and customers of CIMM Group to join this event, in which you will get deal-making, in-depth discussion, fun and essential networking opportunities and much surprise.

    ps.     34th International Ferroalloys conference agenda11.pdf

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