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    CIMM Patents

    1. Cooling device for EAF steelmaking
    2. Self-assembled graphene film electrode with retractable interface
    3. Steelmaking EAF furnace-body structure
    4. Length inspection device for processing graphite electrode body
    5. Dust collecting device for graphite electrode production
    6. High-strength  CF-reinforced nipple of graphite electrode
    7. Dust-removal water tank for graphite electrode production
    8. Lifting device for large-diameter graphite electrode
    9. Feeding device for EAF steelmaking
    10. Dry air cooling device for intermittent kneading pot
    11. Safety fixed base for steelmaking EAF
    12. Furnace oxygen supply device for steelmaking EAF
    13. Multi-hook lifting device for lifting graphite electrode
    14. Smoke emission & filtering device for graphite electrode production
    15. Surface cleaning device for equipments for graphite electrode production
    16. Feeding device for producing CF-modified graphite electrode nipple
    17. Impregnation device for graphite electrode production
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